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Waze & Odyssey interview about their return to Unknown Festival

Bonding over a burger at the end of 2011, Waze & Odyssey have, in just a short space of time, gone from little more than an anonymous Soundcloud account to be one of the most exciting, and talked about, new electronic music acts around. Along the way the pair has released several critically acclaimed EP’s & singles for the likes of Wolf Music, Let’s Play House (NYC), Tsuba and Throne of Blood, not to mention lending their hand to remix acts such as Disclosure, Duke Dumont and T.E.E.D. We have been talking to them about their coming visit to Unknown Festival, and several issues to know them better.


  • London’s electronic scene is really rich. What were you doing before you starting producing? Were you attending to clubs as clubbers? Were you djing?

We both clubbed for years; that’s where it all begins. The love and drive you feel for dance music takes you into wanting to DJ / produce. London has a great scene and is an exciting place to live; there’s a huge amount of appreciation and lots of people doing the same thing so the community is really strong here.


  • If you could choose to live in one different era, which one you would prefer: Summer of love in Ibiza? Trance days in London? 90s techno days in Detroit? Another one?

Paradise Garage would be pretty cool; wouldn’t say no to a Summer of Love in Ibiza though naturally.


  • How would you describe your own sound? We know it is House, but tell us the influences.

Influences come from everything from Carl Craig to Theo Parish right through to some of the old Dance Mania releases, people like Paul Johnson and DJ Slugo, to more contemporary house we’re hearing now. There are some cool acts making some wicked music. It’s a good time right now.


  • You are playing at the Unknown Festival this summer. What did you hear about it? What do you expect? Which are your favourite artists of the line-up?

We went last summer and had a blast. It’s a really cool festival in a cool setting. We played a boat party with our friend Orlando (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) last year which was another real highlight – that was just nuts. Looking forward to seeing a whole load of friends over there. There’s a good festival vibe out there. Acts we’re gonna watch, people like Daniel Avery, DJ Harvey, Optimo, Hunee, Mister Saturday Night, Genius of Time and Kim Ann Foxman, to name but a few.


  • Tell us about your production weapons at the studio. Hardware or software. Ableton Live or Logic.

We are moving towards more of a mix now but taking each step at a time. You can get too bogged down with studio stuff and not write any music. We’re making an effort to keep it balanced.


Thanks so much boys!


More info at:

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