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The Israeli producer and deejay Guy Gerber mixed Fabric Series nº 64

From his mysterious 11:11 project to his adventurous in 2007 Supplement Facts label, the greatest fear of Israeli producer Guy Gerber was to be pigeonholed. Equipped with a sound that is dreamy and layered with emotion, his productions take in his early rock influences such as Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine, mixed with his characteristic harmonious and atmosphere tech house, strong bases with new sounds, and always playing with the more experimental and electronic music face.

And all this occurs again, after the success with Bedrock and Cocoon, now comes this new work. Gerber will play the next chapter of the long series of mixes of the London club Fabric.

The first time I played fabric was around 10 years ago. The nature of the room make you play much deeper that you would play in any other place. For me it’s a club with one of the best sound systems and it’s run by people that really make an effort to keep the best line ups for so many years, every single week. I’m proud to be part of this legacy.

Gerber‘s sound at Fabric London

This number 64 will be very special, consisting of 16 items by his self, new and unpublished. Worked for three and a half weeks, Fabric 64 has enjoyed the cooperation of producers Deniz Kurtel, Lady Falkor and Clarian North. According to Gerber, this mix is ​​something he always wanted to do and where the result is like a single track of 70 minutes instead of a succession of connected themes.

Heaven, one of characteristic themes of Gerber’s sound

  • The mix CD will be released next June 25 via Fabric.


  1. Guy Gerber – Store-House Consciousness
  2. Guy Gerber – The Golden Sun And The Silver Moon
  3. Guy Gerber – Shady Triangle
  4. Guy Gerber – The Naked Hairdresser
  5. Guy Gerber – Ribbons Turn To Chains
  6. Guy Gerber – The Rhythm
  7. Guy Gerber – A Blade Through My Piano
  8. Guy Gerber – One Day In May
  9. Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North – Howling Moon
  10. Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North – Running Through The Night
  11. Guy Gerber feat. Lady Falkor – Lady Falkor
  12. Guy Gerber – The Money Shot
  13. Guy Gerber – Moon Blur
  14. Guy Gerber – My Medicine
  15. Guy Gerber – Human Raft
  16. Guy Gerber with Deniz Kurtel – Just Wanna See You Happy