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The German Redshape presents his new album Square under the label Running Back

The artist behind the red mask, known as Redshape, announces new full-length. The LP will see release on Gerd Janson‘s label, Running Back, named as Square, out this November and features guest vocals of Space Ape. Square is the follow up to Redshape´s debut album The Dance Paradox, published prolific Delsin label in 2009

The man behind the red mask doesn’t care too much for styles, genres or expectations, he can hold his own. On twelve tracks Square evolves to a long player that takes its listeners to a journey from ambient to melancholy over to industrial romanticism. If techno means more than a desperately compressed kick drum to you, the man behind the red mask with all his idiosyncratic finds his way into your heart.

Few producers make such explicit industrialism sound as sweet as Redshape, for every whirring machine and grinding gear, there is a bittersweet counterpoint lurking elsewhere. True to form, said drama is often culled from retro sci-fi-sources, a dark male voice speaking of chaos and confusion, a breaking thunder cloud or the distant coos of alien life.

We stop at an example of that mix of techno, house and electro domesticated by the German superbly. With the theme that closes the album, The Playground.

And that science fiction ambient reminds us of this new full-length, full of sounds and resources that travel beyond our orbit, across an album of peaks and troughs that surprise from the first minute.

The album features previously unreleased productions, including a new Square Version of one of his biggest tracks, the previous mentioned 2006′s The Playground. Space Ape makes a guest appearance on the track Until We Burn, likely laying down his trademark style of sinister rhymes.


  1. The Channel
  2. It’s In Rain
  3. Atlantic
  4. Orange Clouds
  5. Moods & Mice
  6. Starsoup
  7. Paper
  8. Landing
  9. Enter the Volt
  10. Until We Burn feat. Sapce Ape
  11. Departing
  12. The Playground