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The English producer Mr G presents his new album State Of Flux

We ended up the week with veteran British producer Mr G and his new LP State Of Flux, his second album under Rekids label.

The British has been working over two decades publishing house and techno references and several collaborations behind him, but up to Rekids not decided to publish his first LP in 2010, Still Here.

Described by the man himself as it’s all about a bassline, his music takes the formula of a ballad and the movement of reggae. As with his debut State Of Flux packs a punch in its eleven-track journey that takes in an unexpected array of styles, reinventing itself for the final climax.

The álbum begins taking techno to new levels of power with G’s Riddem, passes through One Last Year o Remember This! whose vocal is reminiscent of classic Mr Fingers or Frankie Knuckles material, play with synths and sequences in tracks as Dark Thoughts, and the dubby textures of Bill’s January Blues, arriving to psychedelic New Life lead us to the close of this inspiring body of work.

State Of Flux will be released on July 23. In the meantime we leave you with the sound of their previous album Still Here.

State Of Flux. Tracklist

  1. G’s Riddem
  2. One Year Later
  3. Clearing Space
  4. Pumped Up
  5. Dark Thoughts (The Afterworld)
  6. Remember This!
  7. Absurd Beatz No.4
  8. Pause 4 Thought With You feat. Garfield King
  9. Mango Came Round…..
  10. Bill’s January Blues
  11. New Life (E_S_P)

You can read the recent interview with Mr G at FabricLondon.