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Second album of producer Chymera

Since the launch of his first album Everybody Dies… Even Horses in 2005, the Irish Bren Gregoriy, aka Chymera, has focused on publishing singles for labels like Delsin, Figure, Ovum and Cocoon. But after living in Barcelona 3 years he moved to Berlin and there, beside the German label Connaisseur Recordings, decides to work in his second album. And this is the one we present today,  Death by Misadventure, that after year and half of preparation will be released on June 1.

Chymera proposes an organic album that walks between different genres, with 11 unreleased cuts and that the own artist defines as an Irishman in Detroit. A multi-sensory journey and an experience for listen from beginning to end. Organic and atmospheric sounds, samples, synths and rhythmic bases are mixed perfectly. The intention is to create a harmonious whole to enjoy in any environment.

Tracks like The Drop or The Drowning 1 open delicately the album giving way to different textures and rhythmic sounds, and reveal a new feature in the career of Chymera: the introduction of voices in his production, thanks to contributions from Emilie Harsongkram, Emma Greenfield and Moss Beynon Juckes. We could say that this is a return to his beginnings, but this time is more than that, is an evolution from the beginning and a clear sign of Chymera‘s knowhow at the time of show the more melodic face of house and techno.

Here you have a small sample


  1. The Drop
  2. Drowning 1
  3. Fathoms
  4. An Island In Space
  5. Who Bends First?
  6. Trapped In Amber
  7. My Karass
  8. The Chase
  9. Strange Things Are Afoot
  10. Aloof
  11. Swim Away