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Second album of producer and deejay Maayan Nidam

After conquering with her debut album Night Long in 2009, the Israeli producer and deejay Maayan Nidam presents her second album this month, New Moon.

In the past six years she’s released on labels such Perlon, Freak n’ Chic, Circus Company or Wolf + Lamb, among others, appearing under her given name or as Miss Fitz, Laverne Radix, or with Vera as Mara Trax. Now published her new work under the label Cadenza Records, where she proposes a multi-dimensional journey under the ideals freedom, truth, and the cyclical nature of change.

An open and sociable album. Disparate influences and eras are joined together through a subtle interplay of contrast and tone. Stylistically, the Berlin-based producer has created an 11-track collection of alternative electronic rhythms that combines everything from blissful broken beat, to surrealist electro, jazz-influenced moments, acid house, exploratory techno, and piano interludes.

New Moon’s wide variety of sounds can be directly traced back to Nidam’s disjointed discography. Beginning with a down-tempo treat called On My Street, the album immediately captivates you. Worming its way through soft electro on Harmonious Funk, passing the quirky synthesizer jam of Trippin’ Over You, it arrives at Disco loops, filters, delays, and a gorgeous vocal of Lies In Love. Undoubtedly, a multi-dimensional journey that worth enjoying.

Here you can listen Harmonious Funk.

We have various dates scheduled in Spain. On 11 and 12 of May at L’Usine Club of Barcelona, ​​on May 26 at Ushuaia Beach Club in Ibiza, and July 7 in the JPM Club, Gran Canaria.


  1. On My Street
  2. Harmonious Funk
  3. Trippin’ Over You
  4. The Great Suspenders
  5. Send a Pigeon
  6. Undermine
  7. Sunday Sunday
  8. Lies in Love
  9. Last Moon
  10. Boastful
  11. Never Forever