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Second album by Jamie Jones. Tracks From The Crypt

Under the enigmatic title Tracks From The Crypt hides the second LP of Welsh Jamie Jones, the current No. 1 world DJs ranking by Resident Advisor. The sequel  of his previous album in 2009 Don’t You Remember The Future will be released on June 25, and Crosstown Rebels, Damian Lazarus‘s label, will be again the responsible of publishing.

Tracks From The Crypt includes unreleased tracks, along with new productions until the date unpublished, his secret weapons, such as Paradise, Somewhere and Frequencies, have already been heard on the dance floor by the hand of Jamie.

Paradise, Jamie Jones

This is a collection of my favourite unreleased secret weapons from the last 5 years plus some brand new tunes that I’m hammering on the dancefloor right now. Looking back in the vaults, I found some killers that people have been trying to get their hands on for ages and decided to make my second album a combination of these unreleased classics and combine them with some heavy fresh new club tracks.

A diverse collection of tunes together to showcase both Jamie’s talent and diversity within his production. The sound that has become synonymous with his work is present throughout, with driving basslines, vocal hooks and haunting snippets adding to the depth and feel of the album.

An advance of the album: Mari 2D Underground

The British DJ and producer will soon give news of his summer plans, including the  Ibiza summer season.


  1. Somewhere
  2. City At Night featuring Surveillance Party
  3. Tonight In Tokyo featuring Luca C
  4. Special Effect
  5. Mari 2D Underground
  6. Our Time In Liberty featuring Art Department
  7. Stems From Hackney
  8. Frequencies
  9. Over Each Other featuring Livia Giammaria
  10. Paradise
  11. Havana Good Time
  12. The Lows