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EP Reviews


Lost in gruv

Buenos Aires has become a Mecca for upcoming producers with plenty of talent and fresh takes on underground sounds. Its freshest export, Yanee delivers his debut release on Indepth Music with a previous release on Deep Tech Records and an upcoming single on Kote, his launch into the scene has been well accepted. Representing a darker side of deep house meets techno, the whole package delivers devilishly charming breaks and drops throughout. Including a remix by Indepth creators Genetikal Twins, it’s sure to say their commitment to nurturing fresh talent goes beyond just releasing their music.

The title track opens up the release as a stunning and trippy groove flow into either an opening dancefloor ripper or an afterhours serving of hypnotic sounds. Intelligent use of vocal snippets and delays carry Lost in gruv to an otherworldly experience. Flipping the original mix into a more racing house mix. Genetikal Twins convert Lost in gruv into a more laidback yet pumping journey. Using reverb and delays to create depth and space, their mix lives up to their catalogs impressive collection of finely produced tracks.

Back to a more playful and funky sound, Minutes for me chugs along relying on fluttering rim shots and textured fills. As a dreamy synth hook floats over the arrange, a spoken vocal creates an atmosphere of tension as the jacking bass hits into the drop. One to behold around the globe during afterhours or on a shoreline cabana, it’s fun spirited mood liven up the EP. Finishing up with One night, Yanee uses his continued sonic style of music making. This time he brings a plate full of tech delight as the track seems to have a mind of its own with dips and thrills surprising the listener at every turn. South American style percs convey a more native feeling to the tune as Yanee’s signature bass style and groove dance freely over this proper bit of house music. As the Italian imprint continues to impress, so does its line up of fresh and able talent. Stocking up on summer love, Lost in gruv is one to find its way into Djs’ crates the world over.