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EP Reviews

Voices Of Black feat Rap Lisa

Her flower

Voices of Black are Baba Ali and Jules Born, a duo in their early 20’s that started recording music as early as high school. One notable introduction to the electronic scene was via Wolf + Lamb with the EP Plastic Dolls. They now embellish on this association with yet another great release which strengthens their renown as the young proteges of the Wolf + Lamb family.

The subject, Her Flower EP showcases the duo’s skill in producing warm, soulful space funk & house. The first track, Her Flower immediately radiates a warm summery vibe through a combination of rolling synths and deep echoing samples by VOB’s very own, Jules Born. Times’ve Changed and Modify Love feature a mix of distinct and attention-catching vocals with funk jam elements.

The EP also includes a collaboration with Rap Lisa on the track Une Semaine Avec Lui, where her tones blend smoothly with laidback beats. Finally, Dry Ur Eyez adds a more melodic twist to the EP as a whole while preserving the theme of sophisticated vocals and funky elements. A Latin house groove filled cover of Dry Ur Eyez by Greg Paulus is also included.