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EP Reviews


Quantized music sampler

Coming in with another sampler release in time for the winter season, Greek imprint Quantized Music is proud to welcome talent from different parts of the world while also keeping the love shining from its home country. With artists new and old in regards to careers, the pack holds nothing short of sophisticated underground music. With familiar names like Echonomist, Mihai Popoviciu, and Gavin Herlihy, Quantized Music has opened its doors to well-known acts and also those who are new but bring fresh sounds to the community. With groovy groove pouring out of all four tracks in this release, all promise a welcomed energy to the global dance floor.

Tapping into home country talent, Quantized opens up the party with a vocal that one may remember from the early days of R&B. Softcash’s A Boy is not enough, parades deep house in perfect form. Snappy blocks and melodic low end guarantee shoulder’s swaying and feet stepping. Turning a more aggressive leaf, Greg brings Funky Heroes, an outer-space display of pitched vocal work and phasing stellar chords. Stuttering flows and triplets of high hats and cowbells make this a banger with vintage hip-hop flair. New to Quantized, Softcash’s sound is that of untouched originality and unique to fresh listeners. With only a few track hitting the stores, Softcash already proves his relevant production style and aims to be a name to recognize in the near future. Quantized Music is happy to welcome him as part of their roster and aim to release many more masterpieces from Softcash in the coming months.

A young talent by age, but very forward in his career, David Kassi’s work has spanned over seven years and has seen him remixing top talent like Jesse Perez, NTFO, and Big Al. He’s also seen his work signed to Behold Records, Ready Mix Records, Frosty Music and No Smoking Records. His contribution to Quantized Music, Things you do, explains why his touch has been so acclaimed and desired. Fresh and very of the now, David’s tune is a simple ode to the popular deep house sounds of today. Bobbing key stabs and impeccable vocal melodies mesh beautifully into rolling drums and snappy hits. He is a name to watch for in the coming months as a rising producer and DJ. Another welcomed member of the imprint’s team of artists, David is set to release much more with Quantized Music very soon.

Mexico’s Cesar Coronado closes out with Edit #3, sampling a famous Phil Collins anthem, the track is guaranteed to get crowds singing along for that hands in the air moment. While this edit is perfect for opening up parties, one can’t help but consider its possibilities as the perfect mellow closing tune after a night of mayhem. As Quantized Music matures and nurtures its growing list of artists and sounds, this Greek treat revels in success one after the other, making it a beacon for fresh underground music the world over.