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EP Reviews

Tiefschwarz Feat. Argenis Brito

No message

Brother captains of the lucrative label Souvenir Music, Tiefschwarz push their vision into uncharted realms of seamless perfection. Their murky new single No Message is released with the vocal talents of Argenis Brito and a little bit of Latin flavor to their already prolific trend of tougher sentimental house. With both and original and dub mixes. No Message is one to be heard in Clubland this fall/winter season. Souvenir’s already impressive roster of talent and gigs is enough to vouch for such an expanding label. Tiefschwarz is now a household name in electronic music, and No Message will secure that confidence.

No Message sees Argenis Brito heralding in a chunky undulating bassline with lots and lots of echoing vocal. The abundance of panning techniques allows for a better sense of environment and humanity to the groove.  A Skittering drum and shimmering keys lead to surprises of unrevealed offbeats and dynamics. Taking a quick break before plunging back into its deep groove, No Message packs everything we love about Tiefschwarz into one. Not only does our gift stop at one, but also Tiefschwarz agrees to assemble one of their astounding dubs to contemplate the more aggressive original of the single. Utilizing the well-placed structure of the original, the team strips it back into a perfect dub.

With successful owners, producers, and DJs, Souvenir pushes the boundaries again with tasteful work from one of the scene’s most aspiration acts. Allowing a newer sense of Tiefschwarz sound with some of their older tendencies, the groups’ career will continue to grow with great distinction and movement. No Message is a statement of quality music and relevancy in today’s worlds.