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EP Reviews

The Deepshakerz

Wait the vibe

Domy Berardino and Mirco Sonatore are two young djs and producers from Italy who have spent several years at a high level publishing on important labels like Toolroom, Kling Klong, Area Remote, Stereo, Lapsus and this one; Snatch!. Still going strong off their Let the rhythm EP, which was released on the main label of the latter, they are now returning to Snatch Off. They call themselves The Deepshakerz and their sound is a hybrid of house, 90s techno and afro-beats.

They present three tracks, each one really effective for the dance-floor, with Wait the vibe opening the pack. It is a track with a soulful voice as the duo changes the hats’ frequency throughout. Don’t let my body has a low voice, integrated into a loop with a similar rhythm section, while Everybody’s gone reminds us of certain Chicago tracks, when the first vocals were used. Moreover the track also introduces sirens and very creative breakdowns.