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EP Reviews

Soul Clap

Efunk the singles

Coming to us from artists who need no introduction and from a label that has led the definition of upfront electronic music, is Soul Clap’s EFUNK The Singles from Brooklyn’s finest label, Wolf + Lamb. Alongside their debut album on the label entitled EFUNK, Wolf + Lamb thought it fitting to release the singles as an EP. This package promises a twist of disco fueled cosmic funk, branded only as a Soul Clap release should be. EFUNK The Singles is a four-track package consisting of two originals and a dub mix by the duo including surprise members of the Wolf + Lamb family plus a remix by the great Miguel Campbell.

The first single The Clapping Song appears on the release as an original and as a stripped down dub mix. This single is full of Wolf + Lamb members contributing to the track including one half of the Wolf + Lamb boys, Gadi Mizrahi aka Baby Prince. The Clapping Song features splashes of live, vocal, spacey, and funk inspired rhythms. Truly unique, The Clapping Song includes its catchy vocal hook that also translates to the dub mix and is said to already said to be blowing up the Wolf + Lamb dance floor. Alongside the release, will come a music video for The Clapping Song featuring members of the Wolf + Lamb family alongside a unique cast of puppets on location at the gang’s summer headquarters in Miami. These two tracks pack an attitude that is sure to get feet stomping and bodies grooving to the music.

The second single of the EP, Let It Go, has had a history with the Soul Clap boys as the inspiration came from an early demo the two received at their long time Boston residency. Featuring Roldy Cezaire, the original creator of the demo, Let It Go is a bouncy, Hip Hop and 80’s pop influenced tune with a catchy vocal melody. Accompanying the original comes a remix by Miguel Campbell, a long time friend of the gang. Miguels Club Mix as it titled, is a deeper, jacking beat with analog nu disco inspired synth splashes and a bumping bassline.