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EP Reviews

Soul Clap

Efunk the remixes

Following their EFUNK The Remixes Part 1, Soul Clap return with a fresh batch of remixed treats for all to enjoy. Soul Clap has always promised to bring us booty shaking, funk fresh beats that take us out of a black hole of galactic wackness. EFUNK is their answer to reuniting music and listener once again in intergalactic harmony. Wolf and Lamb release this four track mental massage with surging remixes from the likes of Nitetime, Slow Hands & Tanner Ross, and Wolf and Lamb veterans No Regular Play. Three remixes and one original arrive just in time for sunshine and ice-cold cocktails.

The original of the package is Soul Clap and Mel Blatt’s take on the Korgi’s, Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime. Need Your Lovin’s nod to 80’s pop combines surges of breakbeats and bass, clap, and scratch patterns a top of an intriguing piano and organ melody. San Francisco’s Nitetime’s house drenched mix is a bouncier version of the original combining warms pads, cool dark chords, and feel good vibes. Islands In Space Part 2 feat. Greg Paulus takes on treatment by Tanner Ross & Slow Hands. Their smooth groove and stripped down mix infuse soft strings and a twilight mood. No Regular Play returns to Wolf and Lamb with their version of Trouble Trouble Trouble. A passionate house groover that builds into a complete dancefloor high with an exalting melody and vocal, it is the perfect B-Side for this second addition of EFUNK remixes.