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EP Reviews


Slow down and dance

Here we have Slz’s first release on Organic Music, a triplet of all-original eclectic tracks by this young and talented french producer. The track that shares the name with the whole EP, Slow Down and Dance, is named exactly what it sounds like. While a paradox to many, Slz proves that slow grooves with the right melody and progression can get you up and shakin’.

Rainy Day starts off sounding like an experimental piece of electronic, yet a cheerful and intriguing one. It then evolves into a rich and rhythmic track with the introduction of drums and a sax that give it an great jazzy vibe.

Get it embellishes the variety of this EP as a whole as it caters to more energetic ears with its relentless drum pattern and sensual vocal samples. It is perfect for those peak times when the crowd needs a boost of well progressed cycles and great breakdowns. The EP also includes a digital exclusive, Blitch, by both Slz and Stram.