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EP Reviews


Mary of exeter

The newest release from Skinnerbox includes four tracks that really capture how the Berlin based duo envisions dance music. Their talent is immediately apparent from the quality with which they have blended musical elements that traditionally may have been considered as not fitting with each other.

Mary Of Exeter features a super catchy combination of a dancefloor geared beat, atmospheric melodies and a broad array of instrument sounds that team up to give it a jazzy vibe. Jupiter Variations maintains the jazzy approach but introduces unique effects that make it highly intriguing of a listen. It is far from linear and can be effectively implemented in a dancefloor setting.

Build-up for the common man features great electro compositions and has an intelligent progression that takes you on a musical journey. Sylvia Kristel – bad hair day is a slower and deeper aspect of this EP and reaffirms the duo’s unique style and ability to create intriguing tracks.


  • Mary of exeter

    Escuchar online
  • Jupiter variations coltrane rever...

  • Sylvia Kristel - Bad hair day

  • Build-up for the common man