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EP Reviews


Round pen

Burak Sar, aka SIS, is a common name spoken amongst all house music aficionados ever since his wave of deserved attention came over four years ago. Since then he has used his undeniably gifted and diverse musical background to give light to some of the best and instantly recognizable production styles to date. With large support by top DJs of today such as Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano, SIS commands his energies to produce an ambitious four track EP on the ever-relevant Crosstown Rebels imprint. For their 99th release they call upon this super talent who does not disappoint with Round Pen.

Without wasting any time, SIS dives into the release with his first track Faces, of course carried out in familiar SIS style. An evocative vocal loop layers over shakers and bongos as a hazy bassline gives way to the booming four by four kick. Moving into the darker realm, Unforty opens with a minimal house inspired groove that leads way to a spacey atmosphere only to be sucked into darkness by a menacing bassline. Perspective change ups are the key to making this track great as a snappy organ line brings us out of the dark and into a more optimistic mindset.

Perking up the third track, Miles From Me, SIS again relies on his creative trademark vocal work as he chops up a blues sample beyond recognition. Before allowing the entire vocal to open up at the end, SIS keeps our attention in the groove as he tops it off with warming distortion, elongated reverb tails, and echoing stabs. Wrapping up the masterpiece is Forward Line, which again delves into a deeper state of mind as a hypnotic synth lead dances gracefully over slick percussive programming and overall driving attitude. Having released on esteemed labels such as Cecille, Cocoon, 8bit, among others, SIS continues to prove his full attention and inspirational take on house music.