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EP Reviews

Silicone Soul


One of electronic music’s most esteemed and recognized names, Silicone Soul, return to their native imprint Soma Records after almost three years of  no new releases for the label.  As their successful Darkroom Dubs imprint approaches its tenth anniversary, Craig Morrison and Graeme Reddie hit the underground nail right on the head with their Smokestak EP. Pushing the boundaries of deep, soul-fueled House and Techno, the duo has reached a top tier level of respect among producer and industry peers alike. With five uniquely impressionable compositions, the two are warmly welcomed again into the hands of this Scottish delight. Giving Soma its first chart appearance with Right On, Silicone Soul look to push their next release into the hearts and souls of seasoned clubbers worldwide.

Embodying the raw House scene the two have been establishing since the late 90’s, title track Smokestak sublimely dazzles and evokes a sophisticated and elegant sense of flawless groove. An extended saxophone line, calling to the soul of Jazz legend John Coltrane, stretches into the heart of a delirious dance floor. The group’s underlying knowledge and passion for sound explodes in the fury of the second track I Am. A more minimal tune in essence, sampled gospel preaching jolts a feeling spiritual inspiration into the mood of their production.

Arising to the next level of sophisticated sound design, One Thing charms true electronic fans with splashes of reverberating audio. Cosmic inspired effects and true hints of old school bass melody completes the whole package of One Thing as its hypnotizing spark of true Deep House will remain relevant for years to come. Taken from their second album, the duo gives Burning Sands a Hypnohouse make over with bits of charming guitar plucks and whimsical percussive programming. A dub of submerged sonic complexity carries the mind into a steep state of relaxed weightlessness.

Relying again on their tedious studio work and dedication to full range explorations of production techniques, Smokestak closes its saga with Like Mice in a Maze. Truly a gem for the more seasoned and appreciative fan of audio landscapes, Mice in a Maze is a dark and relinquishing mold of abstract sampling and corrosive interjectory. Impossible to mimic, Silicone Soul’s collective works have paved a road of hard earned success and praise. While influencing many of today’s modern acts, the Scottish group’s campaign to rock Clubland from the very beginning resonates with their astounding commitment to top class production and composition; Smokestak is no exception.