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EP Reviews

Sable Sheep

Her empathy

Following up his smashing debut EP on Be As One, Sable Sheep is back to top his Painting My Fur success. This time his textured themed release reminds us of his impressively complex yet flawless take on modern day house music.  Returning with only the funkiest and compelling beats, Sable Sheep’s three-track release is nothing short of his previous works. This German talent generates an intriguing interest in his career as he is clearly focused on leaving his mark on the scene, track after track.

Keeping listeners moving and grooving, Cotton comes at us as a loose fitting hat of percussive accents and fun.  The minimal tech inspired groove dances over the bouncing bass to create an irresistible head bobber. Chasing melodies mold his next tune, Her Empathy, into a playful shaker. The filtered melody and signature snappy percussion of Sable Sheep builds into a drop of sheer nonsensical fun.  A little darker than the latter on the release, Whool is a menacing launch of high percussive samples that melt into a dark mass of expertly designed, minimal madness. Perfect contrast of playful minimal percussion and house groove leaves us with Her Empathy, is a perfect three-part chapter in Sable Sheep’s continued success story.