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EP Reviews

Ruede Hagelstein

Native aliens

Talking about Ruede, real name Tobias, Hagelstein is talking about some of the best people involved in Berlin. He was born there, so he has had time to make all the contacts of the electronic world. He started producing in 2004, shortly he created his own label, Lebensfreude, while was getting closer to the other people of the capital of the electronic music, as Marco Resman, Asem Shama, or Tiefschwarz themselves.

The resident of the Watergate club in Berlin presents by the label of the Schwarz brothers three cuts of cosmic tech-house sound. The Big bang track opens the pack preparing for a stellar trip with a hypnotic melody and very strong rhythms arrived from interplanetary groove boxes. With The landing we meet the native aliens thru the sinister passages that Ruede offers, ¡even their voices are heard! Finally, the title track ep shows us the aliens themselves in discussion: Different melodies that are answered with their own echoes and reverberations, while shooting lasers everywhere. We love this alien adventure by Ruede Hagelstein.