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EP Reviews

Paul Loraine & Jonny Cruz

Amore & psiche

Indepth Music presents its 15th release bringing together two smashing producers who team up to provide two quality pressed tracks. Amore & Psiche is the brainchild of Barcelona based Paul Loraine and San Juan native, Jonny Cruz. Both artists have seen successful releases in their own respects, gaining releases on some of the scene’s most pristine imprints like My Favorite Robot and Indigo Raw. Teaming up for the first time as a producer duo, the talents have successfully worked alongside other top-notch artists like James Teej and Emerson Todd. Their diverse backgrounds differ in many ways with Cruz’s Drum and Bass projects of the past and Loraine’s unique and intimate take on perfecting sounds and crafting new ones.

Loraine and Cruz present a style of collective cool that hits with waves of dark energy influenced by sounds of minimal techno and deep house. Bemused sets the scene of the release with a wide terrain of cosmic waves and intelligent groove that echo off of invisible steel walls. As each producer is known to give their sounds a noticeable purpose of effortless timing that sways slowly with the beat, Bemused teases as the progression breaks into a sea of harsh pads and menacing pitched vocals.

Suiting up for deeper vibes Soul Creeper inches its way into a full blown display of melodic stabs and subliminal arrange. Allowing many of the track’s sounds to come to life and fill a space with an emotional charge serves for Soul Creeper’s refinement to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Indepth continues to push the boundaries of intelligent deep house and techno following up a memorable various artists release in early August. The label’s mood going into the autumn months sets the stage for a new breed of electronic music. Tech charm and good grooves is what Loraine and Cruz promise and deliver. Amore & Psiche is one for true connoisseurs of sound design and noise crafting, inspiring and elegant. With complimenting sounds and techniques it makes sense that this duo is kicking in perfection, hopefully with much more in the future. Both of these producers promise forward thinking music and their combination of influences are relevant and carefully tended to so that their vision is one to be remembered.