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EP Reviews

Paul C & Paolo Martini

Get this

Calling upon Italian duo and seasoned professionals in the scene, Paul C & Paolo Martini, Hot Creations releases Get This!. Three original tracks from two producers who have combined careers spanning over forty years in the business. Always staying true to what they do and delivering sounds bursting with groove and energy, it’s no surprise they’ve sustained such a lengthy career. Both beginning their careers in the early 90s and becoming some of the most prolific house producers at the turn of the century, Hot Creations welcomes them with open arms and open ears.

Get This! begins the journey as its house vibe bounces along a prominent bassline. Its progressive use of hypnotic vocals lead way to one epic build up, erupting into a frenzy of massive dance floor destruction. Their second track on the release, Bull Revenge, relies heavily on a swinging groove that really stands out. Brining in some old school flair, the simplicity of the track allows for its complex and contagious beat to be felt and praised. Finally, Flying Lizard flows effortlessly with help from special vocal elements, giving the track a large sense of character and personality.

As the two have seen large amounts of success over their span of producers, with releases on labels like Defected, Universal, Sony, Area Remote, and Cecille Numbers; their wide spectrum of influences and passion for quality remain persistent. Adding a more recent notch to their belt with a winner on Hot Creations, their campaign to continue sharing their impressive sound and love for all things electronic shines through in Get This! As the coming fall and winter seasons approach, many clubs will be keeping warm until the early morning hours with these three bits of pure heat.