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EP Reviews


The mirror

Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix, better known as the world-renowned Techno duo Pan-Pot, first met ten years ago from humble beginnings in Berlin. As the years have passed they’ve filled parties, festivals and clubs all across the globe. Heavy touring schedules see them out of the studio more often than they’d like to be but every now again they launch a release that lends credits to their varying talents. Their Mirror EP, released on another name recognized the world over, Mobilee, is a two-track journey into the duo’s preferred style of dark techno. As 2013 marks the duo’s ten-year anniversary, their commitment to quality on the release is upheld to the highest extent, as millions of listeners will be at attention.

The title track Mirror begins this twisted tale, as crunchy kick drums and relentless rolling bass fill in the groove. Detours of funky percussive drops and fills allow for the room to breathe just before the low-end piles in once more. Plucky synths and beautifully designed percussive hits lend to an over hard hitting delight. Traveling down the rabbit hole a little more, the second track Rosinenbomber is even darker. Keeping their signature progressive dark sound, Pan-Pot use a nice balance of automating sounds and strong distorted effects to build tension and suspense. Adding a little bit of a melody to this one ensures its likability not only from techno fans but those with a preference for deeper sounds.

Not only have the duo set to release this inspiring EP, but continue their claim to fame as their tenth anniversary tour is underway. Playing fourteen dates across Europe and the Middle East, the duo will continue their campaign as they aim for ten more years of renowned success. Creating a distinct sound that has appealed to crowds since the very beginning, their ability to continue their notoriety through production is as strong as ever. Perhaps Mirror is meant to be the warm up to those looking to get lost in yet another daze of Pan-Pot madness comes touring time.