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Album Reviews

Oleg Poliakov

Random is a pattern

A rising name over the past six years, with a focus on deeper driven sounds made for the dance floor; Oleg Poliakov has steadily released eleven singles for labels such as Bass Culture, Circus Company, and Eklo. Finding a respectful mastery of classic tropes of the deeper genre but adding his own distinct seductive style, he has caught the ears and attention of listeners and DJs alike. No taking the next step in his career, Oleg drops a full length LP, removing the single approach from sight and taking us on a full journey through his brilliant sound. Perfectly capturing where he stands right now as a producer, relying on his experience, trials and errors and of course ability to experiment, Random is a Pattern is truly a treasure of lush sound.

Stuffy, warm, and crisp, Oleg has perfectly kept his brand of sound alive from the intro all the way to the very last track. Experimenting with unique tones and persistent melodies, the Intro and Beyond are hypnotic doses of satisfying electronic sounds. Amanite steps up the tempo, throwing in a bit of that house swag Oleg is known to rely on when it comes to his dancefloor hits. A Quiet Storm steps on the breaks, as the fourth track becomes a soaring path to bionic bliss. Ethereal Thoughts keeps the tempo of the fifth track at a low but his slight distortion and use of vinyl noise make it a deeper techno tune that you can almost feel with your hands through your ears.

Number six, C.A.V.O.K. perks up the LP as again Oleg unleashes his flawless ability to construct swinging house sounds, ready for tonight’s gig. Anatomy of a Shipwreck keeps the club vibes going as it heads more towards Detroit sound of old. Emotional strings and a driving kick make this one a classy refresher or straight up techno. As fast as we were up, now we are down. Lies is an experimental vocal track chilled out to the max. With slight piano melodies and emotional vocals, it pulls at the heart as a broken hearted lover proclaims his story. Subterranean Rivers paints a picture of soft flowing bodies of water as its liquid like effects and synths soar through its arrange flawlessly. Deep and driving, Oleg’s dose of dance floor knowledge is apparent with his ninth tune.

Finally, the last track, almost more of an outro to Random is a Pattern, is Ditching. Atmospheric, worldly, and entrancing, its peak is when it reaches a few moments of silence. What’s next is a total change in vibe, using plenty of hip-hop inspired groove and random vocal snippets make it one random pattern. Perhaps the last minute alludes to Oleg’s next sonic venture. Undoubtedly a talented producer, choosing various styles of sounds and genres, Oleg’s first full length LP is one that a vast majority of electronic fans can and will appreciate. Random is a Pattern takes its listener on a roller coaster of danceable madness to lower points of relaxed bliss. Perfectly arranged to be heard from start to finish with a story to tell, one can only wait in suspense as we hear Oleg’s newest venture to come out of his studio.


  1. Intro
  2. Beyond
  3. Amanite
  4. A Quiet Storm
  5. Ethereal Thoughts
  6. C.A.V.O.K
  7. Anatomy Of Shipwreck
  8. Lies
  9. Subterranean Rivers
  10. Ditching