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EP Reviews

Nuria Ghia


Nuria Ghia is temporarily veering away from her job as a label manager to focus on her productions. The newest one is Abiduki EP which will be coming out on the talented label Andes Music. The imprint, managed by Francisco Allendes and Marcelo Rosselot, signs this new release after the successful and widely supported Euphoria EP by Bastien & Kaiq, held by great artists like Dubfire, Silicone Soul, Slam and Gel Abril. Their sound represents the essence of the deep tribal house as a style, with a South American touch that will be perfectly suitable for Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano.

The loop and rhythm of Abiduki the track is really funny, some voices are being added in the right order, until it arrives at the breakdown in which Nuria applies some effects to these voices that would earn shouts on the dancefloor. Finally, the rhythm is returns again and to make us feel the grooviest loop. We could call it deep tribal house. Next, we have On The Way. One of the main characters of this track is the bass. You can feel its presence all around while you move your head up and down. Nuria shows here a new option for the clap, a strange and bubbly snare. She adds different percussion parts and voices, getting the same product as Abiduki: Dancing!.

On the remixes, the guest Adriano Filippucci offers a solid track, with more vocals than the original mix of Abiduki. His breakdown is a real killer with new sounds and synths that grow intense. He also finds a groovy loop, made by great percussion and little parts of voices. The Andes owners offer a vision of their own for this track. Marcelo Rosselot focuses on Abiduki, building a chaotic track, slightly hypnotic, with nice and new elements as the Spanish voice: Ahora quiero bailar (Now I want to dance). Francisco Allendes opts by the minimalism. He takes On The Way to a different dimension adding new melodies and synths. In short, we have five excellent tracks in a one great ep by the Spanish girl Nuria Ghia.