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EP Reviews

Nick Monaco

The stalker

Nick Monaco, Soul Clap Records’ resident newcomer drops his first slice of home grown funk with The Stalker EP. Truly a sophisticated release full of live instruments, vocal ballets, and something new for electronic music, the EP is one that will make waves this coming season. With roots in 90’s pop and psychedelic rock, Nick’s original tracks take the listener on a ride of nostalgic tinged new age funk. Adding in some tasteful remixed from Soul Clap themselves, Tanner Ross, and Wadz, the whole package screams uniqueness and a surprisingly eclectic range of tunes that all fit into one untouchable theme.

The opening track, The Stalker is more on the funk tip with a live vocal that dances mysteriously over a catchy guitar riff and classic inspired pads and keys. Sounding like a new wave hit from the late 80’s turned 2013; The Stalker is somewhat of a future classic from Monaco. Next up, Boy Meets World is a 90’s throwback party jam that hits a seductive and sexy note of classic R&B. With plenty of drama, it’s perfect for opening up a dance floor for a more tasteful crowd. Label bosses, Soul Clap team up for the third track and their American Tribal Remix of The Stalker. Giving the original a bit more of a subtle and sustained sound, the remix is a little more club-friendly with funky drums and dramatic synths.

Those purchasing the vinyl edition of the release can only hear the third track, Night Shift. Combining funk and psychedelic elements with deep house and an electronic sound, the track is a perfectly constructed blend of various themes to tell one cohesive story. Creating a spaced out hip-hop feeling, Boston’s Tanner Ross delivers his remix of The Stalker, slowing things down and creating a well balanced and feel good vibe. Finally, the Frenchman Wadz closes out the package with his remix of The Stalker. Instantly reminding one of classic new wave sounds, his remix is a silky smooth journey through funk, disco, and classic R&B sounds sounding as if Rick James himself could be signing over it. All in all the release is one to be heard if not appreciated by artists and DJs across all genres. It screams attention and admiration, as its challenge of what is trending today in electronic music is a strong one.