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EP Reviews

Newbie Nerdz

I am so

The Italian duo Newbie Nerdz are Alex Vovel and Dario Frenda, who after passing through Skint Records, arrive now to Audiojack’s Gruuv. They present this I am so ep with Leon and Last Magpie remixes.

The title track which opens the ep is a very elegant vocal house theme with classic instruments like pianos and very warm synths. On the remix we found Craig McNamara, the Hypercolour artist who publishes under his moniker Last Magpie. He offers a version without a kick, playing with filters, samples of the voice and analog synths. It is perfect for an opening slot.

On the second original cut called Everytime, the Newbie Nerdz also drop a very solid track similarly influenced by classic house rhythms, but this time with male vocals. From Italy, Leon holds a very rhythmical remix, a work that is progressing and to which he is constantly adding sounds, voices and instruments.