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EP Reviews

Nathan Barato Feat. The Ride Committee & Roxy

Back up queen

Once again showcasing their collection of some of the globe’s most cutting edge talent, Rekids presents Toronto producer and Roots and Wings Music label boss Nathan Barato, with his Back Up Queen release. With remixes by renowned Berlin house master Oliver $, following up a successful 2011, and an unidentified newcomer 808 Fake, Back Up Queen offers classic jacking sounds heavy on the stereo speakers. Featuring samples from the 70’s track Jack Pot, the outcome is a heated up dose of pumping old school vibes with a rough edged soul. The reverb and chopped samples combine the refreshing twist of classic 70’s sounds into the new season’s electronic sounds.

The original track by Nathan Barato opens up the release with a rumbling acidic bassline on top of proper floor filling accents that are immersed in thick analogue warmth. Oliver $ brings some seriously chunky percussion to this old school banger, with all emphasis placed on the rhythmic groove. Forging the spoken word vocals and deep stabs, Oliver $’s tribal rendition continues his impressive and unique take on house music.

Lastly, an unknown artist, 808 Fake, strips down the track for his version. A solo analog snare lends contrast to a continuous loop of audible fuzz underneath the subtle pulse of the bassline. With an impressive career in the Toronto house scene, Nathan Barato’s next year looks very promising, as his own imprint has been gaining respect and support of the house community over the past months. You can also expect to see him releasing soon on top labels like Area Remote, CrayOne Labworks, and Fantastic Friends.