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EP Reviews

Mr. G

A G moment

Mr. G is back to Holic Trax. The label was founded by London based Japanese Tomoki Tamura last year as part of the Holic music event. They already counted on him for the first release the Danceholic ep. Apart of this one, the label is well known by great releases from people like Chris Carrier, Tuccillo, Rick Wade, Kate Simko, or the own Tamura. Now Colin Mr. G McBean comes back with his usual Tech Soul, a new single with three tracks called A G Moment, after his successful works for Rekids or Bass Culture, among others great labels.

Mr. G paints from a strictly timeless sound palette. Refusing to kowtow to any trends or fads, both he and his collection of analogue hardware have remained highly relevant and well respected for almost 15 years. Naturally this latest EP is no exception. The main track, A G Moment, is undoubtedly a Mr. G theme. Solid base, with killer hi-hats, and great soul vocals. With a Detroit touch, the groove is awash with thick woozy chords.

Second track, So Get Down, introduces a cheeky snippet of a very well-known vocal. It remembers us to the diva Loleatta Holloway. It starts really hard, with a solid groove, where the master adds the drum elements step by step. Then, at the top of the mountain, Mr. G introduces a surprising melody made of little and short keys. This track is perfect for the dance floor, no doubt. To close the pack, the artist offers Whant It, as well a nice track for the masses, with great and sinister pads in the middle. So, the ep is a conjunction of innovation and techno essence, where it is really hard to choose only one track.