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EP Reviews

Maxxi Soundsystem

Stella’s way

Catching the bug that has been plaguing dancefloors as of late, fat and filthy basslines with a nod to UK garage, Ellum brings us another dose of pumping new music. Already noted as the Brighton wonder boy, Maxxi Soundsystem delights once again with his release, Stella’s Way. Packed with rather large remixes from UK rising talent Huxley, and Argentinian producer Shall Ocin, these combined forces muster up nothing short of great house music for all.

Destined to be a club monster, the original mix of Stella’s Way continues to make due of Maxxi’s innate ability to make propulsive dance music. Giant hooks and lively percussion interject with a heavy dose of low-end energy. Sampling an old school garage classic, its vocal melody feeds in and out of a pumping groove. Its twisted acid bassline builds into a bubbling bed of hot synths and boiling atmospheric tastes.

Contender for artist of the year, Michael Dodman aka Huxley steps up for the first remix, delivering a choppier affair with a down and dirty groove. His unique blend of garage bass and house splashes have begun to see light since his hit Let It Go on Hypercolour earlier this year. Now running his own label Saints and Sonnets which has pushed a successful career for Amsterdam duo Detriot Swindle, Huxley has paraded his passion with substantial originals and remixes on top labels like Tsuba, 20:20 Vision, and Leftroom, to name a few. This year marks his first batch of international gigs building momentum with every location added to his roster.

Lastly, Argentinian born Nicolas Abalos, aka Shall Ocin lends a different spin to the track working in euphoric sounds and melodies. Intricate drum patterns and an aggressive and muscular bassline pack a serene punch of beautifully executed groove. Extending its family a little wider, Ellum again embraces new and forward thinking sounds to its catalog; this time capitalizing on a rather original hint of UK spice.