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EP Reviews

Mate U & Denny K

Forgotten groove

Leix and Samu’s imprint Novotek Raw Series, brings us their third installment with old school flavored beats provided by the joined forces of Mate U & Denny K. With just it’s third contribution to the electronic music world, Novotek Raw Series is proving to be a strong bet for this year and surely beyond. This time Mate U & Denny K collaborate on a gem of a pack that nods to the fresh jiving sounds of 90’s inspired American house music. What they bring us is an unforgettable time machine into the sounds that moved a global music phenomenon.

Ripping the seam of this fresh release, Forgotten Groove starts off with a sturdy sound, bouncing bass, and a jazzy swing that achieves perfect resemblance of early house. Keeping the flavor of the original masterpiece, Miguel Lobo & Larry Peters present a remix that adds rhythm and percussive force interweaved with classic influenced swing and energy. The second original by the duo Funk Nation is yet another nod to classic Chicago style house as melodic keys and funk inspired riffs hammer over flawlessly executed drum programming. Danny Serrano provides a club ready version that uses subtle influence from the original to build a funky tech stomper. With influences both old and new, Novotek Raw Series is proving again that its ability to represent talent all across the board is one to be watched. The fourth installment will surely be one to surprise us all.