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EP Reviews

Martin Landsky

The composer

Martin Landsky continues in top form, as evidenced by his latest work for Poker Flat: The Composer. This is his first release on Steve Bug‘s label since their last collaboration Jack is Back EP, an incredible homage to Acid House and Chicago House. After over ten years of walking together, Landsky is one of the pillars of Poker Flat and this reference makes clear why.

The Composer begins with a tech house and funky atmosphere, which starts without much noise but gradually grows until it comes into the part where Martin plays master with synthesizers, twisting the sound and taking it where he wants, creating an epic rise of excellent quality.

The remix is provided by the main man from Moodmusic: Sasse, which delivers a beat like a powerful punch, dark and devastating. Its incredible density gets him to the bass line. The track is much more solid from the outset, and greater prominence is given to the percussion sound. With his great approach and knowledge, he knows how to create the elements for more tension. No doubt we are talking about the star track of this release.

Dub version leaves the tech house and goes further into deep territories.  It is very similar to the original but simplifies most of the elements, leading to a subject with much less intensity, but very appropriate for a warm-up.