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EP Reviews

Mark Fanciulli


Today rising names in the techno circuit are harder and harder to come across as competition and reverence for legends of the past overhaul most expectations. One artist who has truly seemed to make a substantial claim in the midst of it all is Mark Fanciulli. Having an incredible 2012, with only three solo releases Mark has caught the industries attention as his sounds have been played by top tier acts the world over. With his music charting on Beatport and Resident Advisor after such a small track record, Mark’s quality over quantity take on production is heard once again on his work for Leena, the Cutoff EP.

Funky and sustained, Cutoff eerily provides a galloping lay up of beats. Inserted bits of elegant textural soundscapes call to Mark’s techno influences. A pitched down vocal carries the drama of the track through large and small breaks as it stops and starts without warning. Carrying the groove no matter how dynamic the arrangement, Mark does and excellent job keeping us wanting more.

Fanciulli’s work astounds and comprises elements of old school techno reminiscent of early Jeff Mills or Stacy Pullen. Fierce, industrial, but moving and hypnotizing, Body 2 Body is a fine example of Mark’s outreach to the old school sound. Gated chords, big bass and kick pump a back and forth techno groove that is balanced with an elegant delayed vocal snippet. Tasteful sampling and implementation of effects create a fluid flow of steady kick, hat, and snare. Busying himself in the studio and releasing an already acclaimed bit of work on Saved later this year, Mark’s young and raw talent will project a promising career to this 25-year-old mastermind. With a scheduled touring calendar all over the world, his name is one to expect to see more in the very near future.