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EP Reviews

Mark E

We could love

The freshest release on renowned label Needwant sounds like a classic house hit deep from the warehouses of Chicago. Ghostly International favorite Mark E is back to deliver one of his best productions to date following up his Needwant 2010 remix of Massimiliano Pagliaria’s Keep On Dreaming. Gearing up to ensure a quality classic house sound, Fingers Inc. legend Robert Owens lays down flawless seductive vocals that enrich this already warm and deep bit of house music. Birmingham based Mark E has always been known to produce honest and unique house music filled with emotion and soul tickling beats. We Could Love could very well be the next house classic that generations will remember as THE sound of 2012.

Having been influenced at an early age from DJs and producers like John Kelly and Frankie Knuckles, Mark E’s sound perfectly aligns with the legendary Robert Owens to create a beautiful harmony. Fluid keys and delicate percussive grooves flow through this classic sounding beat with ease. Owens’ deep vocals and whispers call back to the Chi City beginnings of our beloved house music. Accompanying the original, Mark E provides an instrumental version, clearing the vocals and adding a deeper bassline to enrich yet another piece of solid house production. Keeping standards high, Mark E raises the bar of Needwant’s catalogue, ensuring even greater sounds from this upfront imprint.