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EP Reviews



Childhood friends Phillip Jung and Patrick Bodmer are better known together as M.A.N.D.Y., a highly successful act in the electronic music circuit. Releasing on their co-founded label Get Physical is their Superstitious Remixes EP featuring excellent guests like Chaim, Just Be, and Djedjotronic. Taken from the highly successful Twisted Sister EP that released last year, this B-side track from the release gets some special treatment with some outstanding versions. With a special edition vinyl release of the pack coming soon to the imprint, it is clear that this EP is very special to the imprint as well as the artist. With more releases coming soon from the duo as they plan to release collaborative works with Adultnapper, their special blend of deep techno lives on.

The smooth Original Mix starts off the release with steady groove heavy arrange, with carefully placed samples, percs, and percussion. The entire track is a flawless testament to M.A.N.D.Y.’s successes and popularity in today’s market. Supplying a little more of a rolling, classic deep house sound, Djedjotronic takes the original to more relaxed lengths. Next up, the formerly known producer name Buschwacka! has recently reinvented himself as Just Be. With a number of releases on Crosstown Rebels, he takes Superstitious to a more modern deep house vibe with its melodic bass hits and soaring stabs of resonating synths.

Lastly, an artist already releasing on imprints like Cocoon and Supplement Facts, Chaim has become a true stand out artist in today’s electronic world. With a snappy and more dancefloor ready version of the title track, he confirms his name as a remixer to look out for in the coming seasons. Continuing their name and also their label’s claim to fame, M.A.N.D.Y. contrive an excellent pack of music with a steady range of sounds sure to please any palette. With a steady touring schedule and label to run, it’s impressive that this team continues to stay on top of their productions and contribute accurate studio time to realize a final masterpiece.