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EP Reviews

Last Waltz


The bumping Bristol imprint that has brought us many new and unique talents is back again with its impressive tenth release. This time Futurboogie presents Last Waltz, a trio of gifted DJs, label owners, party organizers, and producers, who take us on a thrilling cosmic ride with their Trinket EPGeoff Leopard, Mick Rolfe, and El. Dee aka Last Waltz has collectively made an impressive mark on the electronic scene with creative force. The North East English group run nomadic underground Dada parties that offer unique experiences and locations for their spectators. Their lively taste in music and sensibility as DJs and Producers have won them upcoming releases on Mule Musiq’s Endless Flight, World Unknown, Let’s Play House, as well as their own label Object of Distraction. Their contribution to Futureboogie is one that will surely draw attention to eager ears listening for something freshly unique.

The opening track Trinket, shines through as a dancefloor pulse that builds into a dramatic blend of offbeat glockenspiels, distorted bass, and emotional piano riffs. Trinket offers a futuristic electronic sound with an elegant groove. Ashes pushes the sense of epic experience in the release as it constantly builds on a drive of chugging beats and swirling pads. The dreamy atmosphere and percussive layers make it a wide intergalactic catch. London based collective Bad Passion remix Trinket for the third and final track of the EP. With rolling drums and soaring strings, its high cinematic drama is built upon bell melodies and twisted synths. Not only remixing for Futureboogie, the Bad Passion team promises more great productions, both together and as solo releases, plus a boasting underground party that has built up quite the underground following. With so many creative collaborative minds on Trinket, it is no surprise to hear strokes of mind numbing sonic genius gracing our ears.