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EP Reviews


Vers le haut

One of the pearls of Electronic Music is Walter (Wendy) Carlos soundtrack for Clockwork Orange. This is one of the leitmotivs that Klaap and V.Rox have chosen for their label Disobey. They come from Greece to offer a really serious and high class alternative within the Music Industry of nowadays. The first release is signed by Klaap, who can be called both an Audio Engineer and a Dj. The Athens native presents two electronic gems: Vers Le Haut and Thorivos, the first of which gives the name of the EP.Deep and smooth, Vers Le Haut is a tune to be served on the smartest and most selected dancefloors. It presents a clever melody and some dark voices welded with the finest rhythms. For the remixes, Klaap counts firstly on the couple from Thessaloniki, 9West. Kostas Tikis and George Exarchos offer a new and rounding bass joined with some fresh melodies. Their remix is really warm and it has just the percussion items the track needs to move. If you want to listen to new snares and drums, check the Saytek remix – a classic and hypnotic touch from this sinister artist.

Veering away from traditional structures, Thorivos is the second original track of the ep. Floating between techno and house, it offers more dark and sinister voices with a nice low percussion loop. Pay special attention to the breakdown, you will have the best response on the dancefloor. On the remix of this track, we find the fellow Greek Alex Celler. He plays with the melody taking it to another stage where it is always changing.

In this under control era, who would be the one to Disobey? We feel outrageous, we feel creative and especially we have lots of love for good music. We believe good taste does not choose sides and since we have it we might as well use it and share it globally.