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EP Reviews

John Daly


With two successful label imprints, Feel Music and One Track Records, as well as a renowned live act, Irish producer and DJ John Daly is perhaps one of the most musically talented acts in the scene today. While much of his beginnings as a musician started in bands, he eventually found his home in the recording studio surrounded by machines and electronic sounds. John Daly’s unique technique of fusing real instruments with electronic production techniques have enabled his sound to touch on many different genres of dance music, from the likes of Techno, to funky Deep House and Dub-Disco.

Following an impressive track record of releases on labels like Plak Records, IRR, Mule Musiq, and Wave Music, John releases his new ten-track album, Sunburst, on Zurich’s Drumpoet Community. John gives us a taste of past, present, and future influences as deeper delayed melodies and beats take Sunburst’s listener on a journey like never before. The first three opening tracks of the album, Sunburst, Release, and Cruise Control are perfectly executed melodic harmonies that weave in and out of dubby percussion and hand drums. All three tracks feature an uplifting and carefree summer vibe with subliminal pads and bass lines.

The following two singles Pass The Swing and Deep Heat carry a darker attitude with heavier synth and drum elements. Promenade and Moon Pool show off Daly’s Nu Disco influenced deep house capabilities, while I Got Bells pumps over a heavy beating bell melody and dance floor ready structure. The final two tracks of the album remind the listener of what they heard coming into the album, emotionally pleasing, tastefully composed beats that relax the body and soul. All Night and Daybreak perfectly tie the knot on this Irish genius’ work with sun-drenched waves of harmonious chords and unexpected percussive twists.