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Album Reviews

Jesse Rose

The whole twelve inches

Jesse Rose is one of those globetrotters who don’t want to establish himself in a unique city, as in a unique electronic music style. He loves to create labels, create concepts, and that is what has been happening for more than 10 years ago, when he began in the production. In 2000 he founded Front Room Recordings, already established in Berlin, and through which we met artists like Daniel Steinberg, and published more veteran people like Jamie Anderson and Stefan Goldmann. In 2006, Jesse published here his first album Presents More Than One, but he was already thinking into other projects.

The year before he starts Made To Play, which one of its leitmotifs is to provide music for playing, without an outstanding image, without press sheet. Simply music for the dance-floor. The label opens fire the first year with a couple of collaborations of Rose with Trevor Loveys, and works from house icons like Magik Johnson. As a result of its good relationship with the London label Dubsided, Jesse published here their second album in 2009, entitled What Do You Do If You Don’t.

Thereafter, a new concept: Play It Down. Created as a Made To Play sub-label, this new approach begins with strong works by Zombie Disco Squad, Oliver $ or M.In, also going in the line of tech-house, but with disco reminiscences and even Indie. Now it is the turn to Jesse Rose’s third album, named The Whole Twelve Inches, which collects the best tracks that were released over the past year, every day 12 of each month. It is a collection of 12 songs with interesting collaborations with Chuck Inglish and Arama, which are today the most downloaded themes of the label in Beatport. Overall, it is a complete album, with tracks that run from normal structures, but at the same time are very musical. It drinks from different influences, from funk, to disco, thru house, with a common factor: the highest quality.


  1. Love The Feeling High
  2. Alone Jesse Rose
  3. Time Is But A Moment (ft. Arama)
  4. Species
  5. Find Your Feet
  6. When We Heard Solid Groove
  7. Lost In Pangea
  8. Not Hit Enough (ft. Chuck Inglish)
  9. Shuffle The Paper
  10. It’s Been Like That For a Minutes
  11. Good Wife
  12. Underbelly