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EP Reviews


I Human remixes

Fifteen years and running, the Berlin collective Jazzanova has dominated many sub scenes of the electronic music world. Having formed in the early 90’s, the group has won the hearts and ears of many down tempo and nu jazz enthusiasts around the globe. Constantly touring and revolutionizing what it means to produce and perform electronic music, their sensible take on sounds and melody has brought them to a level of sophisticated fame. I Am Human, released on their own label Sonar Kollektiv, is back with its first round of remixes that promises some of the funkiest dance acts to date with excellent mixes by Soul Clap, 2000Black, and G.I. Disco.

Brooklyn duo Soul Clap gift us with two mixes of the original, both a dub and vocal mix. The voice of Paul Randolph floats smoothly over their deconstructed revisit. Chugging guitar chords and jazzy hats flawlessly carry I Am Human’s live sound into a more dancefloor friendly monster. Next up, we return to Berlin for G.I. Disco’s minimally fun electro funk rendition that gracefully introduces a sound similar to Cameo or Zapp. Utilizing the perfect vocal from Randolph, G.I. Disco’s spacey rendition supplies plenty of bouncing bass and playful sound design. Closing out the release we finally land in London to hear the legendary producer Dennis McFarlane, aka Dego, aka 2000Black and his funk-fueled contribution. Replaying the entire song, 2000Black kept the precious vocals of Randolph but supplied his own spruced up pieces of the original with nothing but the highest quality of production. Hinting at a more old school funk sound, 2000Black’s mix is the perfect close to an otherwise eclectic pack of smooth remixes.