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EP Reviews

Jay Haze

From the vaults

Audiofly’s label Supernature is going strong. In 5 years time working with artists like Alex Niggermann, Solomun, Nick Curly and Daniel Dubb among others, now they have signed Jay Haze’s reworked tracks from rediscovered files.

With the first track you can expect the unexpected. I can love you sounds like a vinyl that is played over and over again for many years. No don’t worry, it’s not your needle, in fact, this is a deep, raw and funky remake from his identical named track on his album Love for a strange world (2005). Strange vibes with distorted vocals, but sure this will rock the floors.

Chamber of love is a deep house track with sequences that will take you on a trippy journey in music and love. Haze proves again he is always attractive for record labels. Closing the physical edition we find another great track on this EP is Third Eyez Open featuring the godfather of house, Tyree Cooper. Sorry but this song only needs one word. Brilliant!

As digital exclusive, for those who are lost in the groove there is another track called Snoop Hang Low.

A respected artist in the scene who released on many big labels and plays at the most influential parties around the world. Listen and you know why.