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EP Reviews



Michael Dodman calls himself Huxley. Perhaps he took the name from the also English writer, Aldous Huxley, with whom his work has inspired many artists of what we call art. In this 2013 it’s 50 years after his death, and Huxley is stronger than ever. In addition to this release on Aus Music, this year he has launched on Rinse, Hypercolour and Defected, nothing more and nothing less.

The Inkwell ep that presents on Aus Music, offers four tracks, three of them in one exclusive vinyl and another bonus on digital. The main cut, Inkwell, starts simply with a set of hats, in which are added the melody and the voice. Soon comes the breakdown, and then returns the rhythm, proving to be a dance hit. The Creeper Club version is another track with similar groove, but with vibrating strings and male voices. The original version that is only in digital format offers more variety of passages and greater abstraction. To close the ep, Huxley offers Long Summer Night, a dark and sinister track, but with the same efficiency of the first two tracks. In conclusion, this ep represents the perfect fusion of UK garage and house of Huxley, and also will get on Beatport tops.