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EP Reviews

Genetikal Twins

My dreams

Step by step the label Indepth Music has got a light into the saturated electronic music market. It offers a solid tech-house counting on great producers like Afrilounge, Markus Homm, B. Green & Redmond, or Boris Castro, who signed the last Indepth release with huge support from Danny Tenaglia, Luciano, Slam and many more. The imprint owned by the Genetikal Twins is proud to present now the eighth release: My Dreams.

Signed by the own Twins, this new ep comes with three stunning tracks ranging from deep to tech house, passing thru tribal. The first one My Dreams is a perfect club track that melts a great house flavour into a very raw groove. Track’s structure emerges gradually; hot synths and chord leading the track, meanwhile vocals hook and add the dynamic.

My Dreams Mobius Strums version, it’s a devastating track. The great Costa Rica’s top producer adds a massive old groove and a fat bubbling bass. The filtered and low vocals join the hypnotic percussion adding more rhythm. It is the perfect track for every floor: deep, solid and effective.

Living España present a bunch of snares and toms flapping around in a tight rhythm. The leading melody evolves throughout the track, building in complexity, meanwhile at the (supposed) breakdown we find new and filtered voices.

So, new release by Giovanni Allegrezza and Alessandro Carotti  a.k.a. Genetikal Twins that helps us to know their own music in depth, after passing by different and great labels like Highgrade, Escapism Musique or Akbal Music.