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EP Reviews

Gadi Mizrahi aka Baby Prince


Priding itself on bringing an eclectic mix of music to the world’s ears, London/Berlin based independent label Somethinksounds is back with a release full of intelligent and talented artists.  Their ninth record sees Gadi Mizrahi producing under his alias, Baby Prince, with collaborations and remixes from some of electronic music’s celebrity talents. Stepping outside the realms of Wolf + Lamb and bringing together a rare treat of amazing chemistry; Somethinksounds hits the mark with Nobody.

Title track Nobody opens up this impressive experience as Baby Prince delivers a mellow yet heavy sounding beat alongside surprise guest, Lonely C (aka Charlie Levine of Soul Clap). The duo’s use of distorted bass sounds and prolific gliding synths makes Nobody an absolute sonic bath for the senses. Proving his taste and skills independently, Baby Prince goes solo on He Doesn’t Say It To Me. Soothing and thrilling in equal measure, this seductively dark bit burns away as steamy vocals cut through a shuddering bass and dissonant FX.

Flipping things over to the B-side, Nobody gets an undeniable groove from Leeds wonder boy Miguel Campbell. A name that has received very large recognition from both enthusiasts and dancefloor addicts alike, Campbell brings his trademark French touch using elements of Disco House to smooth over the original mix. Adding more bounce to the bassline amidst sublime keys, Miguel’s mix takes us to the outer limits of the Clubland galaxy. Entirely different than the original, Nobody gets one more retouch from New Zealand’s Lucky Paul. Lush percussive and drum groove expands the mix into an uplifting ceremony of sub-aquatic beats and sounds.

Lastly, the digital bonus see’s Lucky Paul being remixed by Baby Prince & Lonely C, flipping the dynamic of producer and remixer in one release. Demon Spawn tops it all off with a brilliantly mad mix from the duo. Epic keys and steady doses of tasteful rhythms seal the deal in this rare treat of stellar quality from big talent.

Somethinksounds has yet another piece of dance music history falling into its lap and is happy to share with eager supporters of tasteful music.