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EP Reviews


Zulu congo call

A release full of improvisation and funk culture reaches Soul Clap. FSQ consists of four components, and it is an acronym for Funk Style Quality. Humilities aside, the group is led by Chuck Da Fonk Fishman, with G Koop, Chas Bronz, One Era and the nephew of the legendary George Clinton, Sa’D The Hourchild Ali. This amazing team presents the Zulu Congo Call ep with a bonus track.

The original cut is an electronic funk piece treated with care, with contributions from different musicians. Guitars, bass and synth melodies, creating a relaxed and dancing floor. For his Caribbean Disko mix, One Era brings a cheerful and festive theme, while Abjo chooses mid-tempo. Mr. CV presents a more tribal, worthy of some of the jungle Hula Hula collective people. Finally, the group offers their view of the Nick Monaco’s track Naked is my nature, with much orchestration, pianos, and original’s almost intact vocals. In short, a complete and varied pack.