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EP Reviews

Felipe Venegas & Pablo Cahn


Chilean artist Felipe Venegas teams up with London based, Pablo Cahn, to light a new generation of artists making a mark in today’s world of house and techno. Never blind to the power of a groove, their productions have always aimed to keep the body moving and convert those who may be more of a passive listener. Their diligence in this quest for the perfect beat lands them a release on the rising NYC label Serkal. An imprint that has already released plenty of quality sounds from younger talents to more established names in today’s scene, the two collaborators bring their separate successes and knowledge to the table for one great showcase.

The percussive, funk-fuelled heat of the title track Guaita stands out as a powerful ride of festive tech house. Funky and surprising, its ever changing arrange makes it one that keeps listeners interested far after the bass drops. The second original, One Year, is backed by a bouncing bass and a heavy stint of techno influence, as small moments of drops and rises keep the dance floor moving every second. Finally, the French maestro, Mr. Julian Chaptal makes an appearance remixing the pair’s One Year. Minimal in nature, he supplies just the right amount of frequencies and samples to generate an irresistible flow of tech house satisfaction. Flowing more towards the four-to-the-floor style of production, his mix can easily be played and enjoyed by DJs from varying styles.

Having previously released names like Santos, Tripmastaz, and Hector, to name a few, Serkal’s mission is plain and simple. As they continue to dominate the New York tech house sound, their most recent addition only lends credit to their selective catalog. As Felipe and Pablo team up to form an international alliance to creatively arrange excellent works of production, so do those who are enjoying it with one another in clubland. Plenty of heavy hitting bass and popping percs, Guaita is one surely make waves as the fall and winter seasons move more into focus.