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Phillip Sollmann, more known as Efdemin presents from his artist residency in Japan his third studio album entitled Decay. In Kyoto, living next to a river, surrounded by temples and blue mountains, Phillip has found inspiration to create this immense deep techno work. Back to Dial Records, the label headed by Lawrence which published a compelling and quality electronic music while focusing on intelligent dance-floors.

Dial Records is a music label focusing primarily on post-minimal dance music. The label has released a number of influential 12″s and full-length albums by artists such as Pantha Du Prince, Efdemin, Roman Flügel, John Roberts, Lawrence and Carsten Jost. Besides its electronic dance releases, the uncompromising release policy of Dial Records allows a huge variety of music including the singer- songwriters Phantom Ghost and Dominique, drones and experiments by Phillip Sollmann (Efdemin, using his real name for experimental music), Queens and Glühen4, chamber music by Christian Naujoks.

Decay has a raw and serious sound and that we would place in the deep techno box. It shows influences from 90s techno labels like Axis or M-Plant, to artists like Sleeparchive or Terrence Dixon. From this essence Efdemin develops new layers and melodies, but less so than in his previous works. We also emphasize the look into drone music, which give productions an ambient touch.

Another claim of the label is the unique graphic design by Till Sperrle and an extraordinary selection of cover artists featuring Amelie von Wulffen, Christian Flamm, Hanna Schwarz, Mathias Poledna, Monika Michalko, Sergej Jensen and many others. Dial Records was founded in 2000 in Hamburg by David Lieske, Pawel Kominek and Peter M. Kersten (Lawrence) and is now based in Berlin, where regular showcases at Panorama Bar present the eccentric groove of the label.