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EP Reviews


Get busy boys

The last EDA releases were all of them really successful: Love Worn was released at the end of summer 2011 on Unplëased Records, reaching 12.000 views on YouTube, so charted and playlisted by Loco Dice, Robert Dietz or Matthias Tanzmann, it was listened by all House music lovers at some deemed festivals or parties across the European area. On March 2012, the creative soul of EDA proposes Amy from my house on the Various Artists named Wrong Box. He also delivered us on Unplëased label his last EP Get Busy Boys. Getting your brain out of glass, let’s go now to discover this new Get Busy Boys EP.

How do you see me now opens the EP starting with a raw beat that consists on one set of cymbals and hi-hats on which articulates a vocal swarming in the distance we can hear as the echo. On this assembling sound is going to get dressed a rising attractive bass line, a stimulating beat and a female vocal which catches the listener for contaminating and removing him the inhibition. At the breakdown, the girl introduces all the speech as a perfect hook for the dancers. How do you see me now is a capsule that makes you to get our slips off the ground.

As a hole in the atmosphere Get busy boys jets with a sharply beat and a rounding bass which opens up under the pulse of her movement. Some great and groovy low melodic notes join the loop to enrich the sound. A vocal comes slowly; it goes on his ascent like if it wanted to swallow you, and it grows and grows and then disappears. The piano and strings complete the track, highlighting a modern and moony House Music.

No doubts, step by step Unplëased Records is growing up and will be present in the more respected playlists and charts around the globe!