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Tip tapping

While many labels are cautious about the specific style of their releases, Bpitch Control quality music as a whole. In fact, this EP contains not only house but some dubstep as well.  Whether or not the club jungle is the subject of the song Tip Tapping of singer Dillon  in her captivating debut album This Silence Kills is something everyone needs to figure out for themselves. Undoubtedly though, her album, which balances chansons, pop, techno, and digital chirping, sent waves through the media and quickly became a critics’ favourite.

The first remix by Chaim reenacts the lyrics with dark vocals and a solid and groovy pack of instruments. It’s a dragging tune that provides the right feeling.

JR Seaton, aka Call Super, dove into the last song on the album, Abrupt Clarity, turning it completely inside out. His remix, with its bouncy low-key feel and affectionately placed melodic elements, underscores why the Berlin resident-by-choice is currently considered one of the latest sensations in the underground house scene.

This one is quite apart from the others, but surely good for certain parties. In contrast to this remix, Catz ‘N Dogz serves us a more accessible mix. Without being clairvoyant, don’t be surprised if this is going to be a major hit in Ibiza this year. In the middle of their remix, the fun-loving Polish duo included a break that is sure to electrify every listener when they hear Dillon’s vocals brought to a climax by a distorted piano melody, at the end of which a bass drum inescapably summons everyone to the dance floor.

The duo Kodiak also served up two remixes to Tip Tapping. They are no strangers to BPitch. Back in 2010, they produced a sensationally rhythmic remix of the Jahcoozi’s track Barfoot Wanderer under the pseudonym Object Object & Raw Milk. With their Yellow and Red (digital bonus) remixes, they now offer us an infectious, deep rhythmic study inspired by dubstep. Love it or hate it, it’s a matter of taste.

Another digital bonus comes from Chaim. The alternate mix is a slow but nice Chicago influences track for opening or closing sets.


  • Tip Tapping Chaim Remix

    Listen online
  • Abrupt Clarity Call Super Remix

  • Abrupt Clarity Catz N' Dogz Remix

    Listen online
  • Tip Tapping Kodiak Yellow Mix

  • Tip Tapping Chaim Alternate Mix

    Listen online
  • Tip Tapping Kodiak Red Mix