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EP Reviews


Draw a line

 Hot jams for hot weather, Hot Creations is an imprint we are all too familiar with. Their newest release by newcomer DeMarzo, brings together a fantastic release with a blend of current trends in deep house on top of a summer sun vibe. An artist inspired at an early age to develop a career in music, DeMarzo’s knowledge and history with audio has seen successful releases on labels like Noir Music, Warung Recordings, and Nurvous Records to name a few.  Undoubtedly a creative mind, his work on the Hot Creations release carries forth his strong and prominent production quality.  Filled with straight up dance floor weapons and already receiving support from radio shows and Djs alike, it’s expected to see this release played out all over the globe.

Showcasing a familiar trend amongst the underground scene today, Draw a line combines rumbling garage inspired rhythms and bass. A highlight for opening Djs, this one will surely make its way into the hottest beaches of Ibiza and the darkest corners of the Manchester underground. Continuing the journey into jacking and garage inspired rhythms, Connect Yourself presents a more soulful and upbeat rhythm. Complimenting the uplifting energy of the track, DeMarzo fills the tune with snapping percussion and deep hitting bass. Closing out the pack with a more deep inspired track, When They Come For You combines elements of classic Chicago rhythms with future bass attitude. Whipping bass hits and simple chord melodies make this one a highlight of the lot.

Clearly able to make an impressive mark on any releases he touches, DeMarzo’s ability to perform as an artist and Dj surpasses that of many emerging names in recent months. With a meticulous and precise style of production, nothing is left to be desired as his claim to fame is heard from his hand rather than his mouth. Not only does Draw a line bring forth future classic sounds but also has an uncanny relevance to the trending sounds of today. Hot Creations wins with this release, proving their focus on up and coming trends amongst club land today; while paving the way for what’s to come.